Women’s Week 2013

Women’s Week in Provincetown means many things to many women. Whether it’s getting to see the best performers and comics in lesbian culture today, or just getting to walk down Commercial Street holding hands with that special someone, basking in the autumn sunlight and taking in the natural beauty of Provincetown, there is no festival on the planet that celebrates women like Women’s Week.

We are working on an amazing project with award-winning filmmaker Andrea Meyerson this year, and you can be part of it. Andrea and her film crew will be in Ptown for Women’s Week, and we’d love to have you and your friends be part of this documentary of our important history!  We are busy collecting photos and videos from Women’s Weeks past, so send yours along to lmogell@gmail.com ASAP!  When it’s finished, you’ll get to see this film at the Provincetown International Film Festival in June 2015, and later on in the year at Women’s Week 2015.  We’re hoping it will play in all the LGBT film festivals across the country and all over the world.  Watch the trailer now and get yourself as excited as we are about this amazing project!

Starting on Columbus day each year in October, Women’s Week begins with events to welcome you and ease you into a Provincetown state of mind. Several events during Columbus Day weekend begin the celebratory mood that extends through the following Sunday, with our famous Saturday Night Dance party a fitting crescendo to a fabulous week!

In between, there are so many events to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding. To help you out, there are copies of the Official Women’s Week Program distributed all over town before you arrive. In many colorful and beautiful pages, you’ll find details about what’s going on in the schedule, a listing of over 150 separate events, workshops, performances, gatherings, and parties.

Women’s Week Schedule dates
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